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Ethics, Transparency and Integrity

Business Performance Commitment Towards Members


Since our foundation, based on the principles and concepts of Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), we have developed our business with transparency and ethics in the relationship with all stakeholders in our value chain. This form of operation was reinforced and expanded in the last harvest, based on the Odebrecht Group’s Policy on Compliance, approved in November 2016.

Based on the guidance of the Controlling Shareholders, we have reviewed and approved our Compliance Policy, which is more stringent in aspects relevant to our Business. Our policy forbids, for instance, donations to political parties, even if Brazilian law allows this form of contribution.

In addition to the Policy, we created the Compliance Committee in 2016, which assists the Administration Board in the follow-up of the implementation of the Policy and related action plans. In its formation, the Committee counts on up to five Company’s advisers, and one of them is an independent member. Another requirement is that at least one of the Committee’s members has a recognized experience and knowledge in the areas of corporate accounting and accounting and financial auditing.

In our operational structure, we have strengthened the Compliance area, which responded to the Executive Board and started reporting directly to the Committee. In addition, the area will be invited to participate in the Administration Board meetings, to present its main indicators and results. Thereby, we maintain our commitment to be in line with the best practices in the market.

After structuring this governance, our objective is, in the 2017/2018 harvest, to consolidate the Company’s Compliance System and to act in the communication and training of all Members to disclose and consolidate the Compliance Policy among all the teams, demonstrating how the guidelines and aspects covered in the document are related to their daily routines.

The expansion of the Compliance area reinforces the commitment towards ethics and transparency that we have always maintained, and whose guidelines are also outlined in the Code of Ethical Conduct for Members and in the Code of Ethics for Suppliers, both available to all those interested in it, on the Company’s website.

Click here to get to know the Odebrecht Agroindustrial Compliance Policy.

In the 2016/2017 harvest, we strengthened our management with the creation of the Compliance Committee and the expansion of the Company’s Compliance area.

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