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Commitment towards Members

Ethics, Transparency and Integrity Local Development


In our six production poles and in the São Paulo and Campinas offices, we are more than 11 thousand members and work tirelessly to reach the goals annually pinpointed in the Action Program (PA), agreed between Leaders and Led. These are the PAs that guide us in relation to the projects, investments, training and other actions in which we invest to increase our productivity and competitiveness and generate value for our Shareholders, Clients, Members and Communities.

The valuation and development of the Members, before the attainment of goals and the continuous improvement of our operations, are the central point of the governance directed to the people’s valuation. The result of the respect for this commitment and of the solid and transparent relationship with the professionals could be verified, in the 2016/2017 harvest, through the strong reputation ratio that the Company has with its teams. In the study we conducted in early 2017, motivated by the Odebrecht Group’s survey of its audiences, we found an indicator equivalent to 70.7 (on a scale of 0 to 100).

One of the points most evaluated by Members is the Company’s attention to issues related to people’s safety and health. Other valued factors are the contribution to the sustainable development of local communities, the quality of products and services and the responsibility for environmental preservation. The survey also pointed to areas in which there are opportunities to improve our recognition, such as the Leaders’ performance and the development of innovations.

In the last harvest, we reinforced and expanded the Monthly Productivity Program (PPM), to cover the entire agricultural area and automotive maintenance. The PPM is a tool that financially recognizes Members who exceed the goals established for the period. Thereby, we strengthened among our teams the “Business Owner” attitude and productivity growth, with transparency and an active participation of the Leaders in the disclosure of the program goals and progress over the months.

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