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Message from the Business Leader

Our Annual Report, which has been uninterrupted since 2011, is an important tool to communicate the main results achieved during the harvest year to all stakeholders, with transparency and reliability. This edition presents information regarding the period from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, covering the agricultural and industrial operations of the six Productive Poles located in Brazil. G4-28 G4-30

As we publish the Report, we expect our Members, Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders and society in general to understand how we create value in a sustainable way with our Business. Therefore, we have adopted the G4 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines, according to the Essential option, to highlight how we manage risks and extend the economic, social and environmental benefits of our activities. G4-32

For the first time, the document also meets the reporting requirements of the ten principles of the Global Compact, an initiative by the United Nations (UN), which we have become signatories of in 2016. In a transparent manner and in line with our objectives, we seek to demonstrate our contributions to promoting respect for human rights, decent working conditions, environmental responsibility and combating corruption.

As in the last edition, published in 2016, the Report was organized into sections that reflect the most relevant issues for our business, identified through inquiries with the public that is closest to the Company (Members, Clients, Suppliers, Civil Society and local governments) for building the Materiality Matrix. The economic-financial data has gone through external and independent auditing. The information related to socio-environmental aspects, including those that meet GRI prioritized indicators, was not verified by third parties, but was validated by the technical and administrative areas in the Company. G4-29G4-33

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